Šiauliai, Lithuania

Knitwear factory


Zina Knitting is a family-run business, based in Šiauliai, Lithuania. They started in 1991 manufacturing knitwear and knitted accessories for a wide range of companies: retailers, designers, fashion agents based in continental Europe, Scandinavia and UK. With more than twenty years of operation, they have constantly improved their technologies and incorporated more and more modern solutions into the production of knitted garments. Zina knitting offers a complete development and manufacturing facility from sampling to bulk production of knitwear.


They have the facilities to make knitwear as:
“Cut-and-sew” – parts (such as front, back, sleeves) are cut of the knitted swatches and then the final product is sewed.
“Fully Fashion” – separate parts of the product (such as front, back, sleeves) are knitted accordingly to the final measurements and then jointed together.
“Ready to wear” – a fully finished product is knitted.


Eksempel have recently started our cooperation with Zina Knitting, after researching our network for a factory with high quality, good working conditions and ethical standards.